“Checkerboard Planet” by Eleanor Arnason
podcasts , Review , sci-fi , short stories / January 22, 2017

This is the review for “Checkerboard Planet” by Eleanor Arnason which was published in Clarkesworld’s December 2016 Issue. Summary:  Lydia Duluth, a reoccurring character in Eleanor’s stories, is being assigned to infiltrate Bio-In’s compounds in this distant checkerboard planet by the A.I.s because they suspect of the existence of an extraterrestrial intelligence. Pros: + the World. A very interesting world has been created by the author. + Action Cons: – condensed. There was a lot of things going on in the story. And a lot of background information to the character’s backstory that as I understood can be traced in other stories as well. In the same story we are introduced in a complicated world, along with interesting characters.