“If a Bird Can Be a Ghost” by Allison Mills

August 5, 2017

“If a Bird Can Be a Ghost” was published on on Aug 1, 2017 , Apex Magazine Issue 99.

Summary: Allison Mills writes about a family of ghost busters. But they are not like in the movies. It’s only a grandma, with her daughter and her grand-daughter who is full of questions. They visit houses and help other people to exorcise ghosts that are haunting them. Also birds can be ghosts as well.

Analysis: This short story is about grief and letting go. It has interesting themes such as:

  1. passing a skill from a generation to another.
  2. discovery of oneself and growing up
  3. how to treat ghosts
  4. face death of a close family member

We follow the grand-daughter’s point of view as she grows up around ghosts. Another interesting idea is that you can catch a ghost on your hair!

Wrap Up

  • 8/10
  • 8/10
  • 8/10



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