Sinkholes by Vaya Pseftaki
fantasy , novelette , Review / October 2, 2017

Vaya Psepftaki’s Sinkholes is published in The Colored Lens Magazine, issue:  Autumn 2017 It is a novelette about lost love, uncovering a coup, questioning gender identity, xenophobia, and people throwing themselves in holes only to be replaced by peculiar creatures. Wait, what? Yeap, when human beings lay their eyes on one of these gates they will immediately jump inside and when they do multiple creatures are spawned taking their place. Lord of Dead Ends and Sponge the Bright are two of these spawns. They work in the building guarding the last hole. Until they see the spawns’ mob leader using the hole for her own secret plan. That’s when they are invited by their old friends and lovers Ally and Lucy the lamp to join their forces and protect the city’s future. However, their shared past wakes up Ally’s oppressed feelings and questions about her lover who threw himself in the hole and in consequence the aforementioned creatures be spitted out in her world. It’s not an easy task for Vaya Pseftaki to handle the complicated relationship of two lovers when the first one wishes the second to change; gender identity being one their main issue . But wishes can…

The Tomato Thief by Ursula Vernon
fantasy , novelette , Review / July 8, 2017

We reviewed “The Tomato Thief” by Ursula Vernon published in Apex Magazine as it is  a HUGO nominee for best novelette. Its success is that it manages to captivate the reader from the beginning despite its simple premise. In a magical world that reminds us in some aspects our world we see one old lady who is feared and respected. She puts all her affection on growing her own tomatoes until she sees one by one disappear every night. That’s when the mystery starts as we enter in a world of magical beings. This story continues after a few years after the Ursula Vernon’s first story. If the reader hasn’t read the first story may be confused about the world setting. Since we see both the names of real world cities, but magical entities as well. Therefore, we don’t know exactly what is the backstory and may not catch at the beginning the old lady’s true nature. In any case it can be enjoyed and still catch some laughs with some of her encounters. This story can be also shared with children since it doesn’t have any explicit content. However, we should mention that in some parts it would be…