Wolf Road by Beth Lewis
audio-books , books , sci-fi / January 13, 2017

Review for the “Wolf Road” by Beth Lewis Summary: In a post-apocalyptic western-like world 17 year old Elka is raised by a killer in the wilderness. She runs away when she discovers his identity, and in her way to find her parents she acquires the friendship of a wolf and another young woman.  However, the man that raised her and the enemies she created because of him will hunt her until she confronts them. The actual review: Pros:   + The voice. It’s all about the heroine’s voice. It grabs you from the beginning of the book and it doesn’t let you go until the end. It’s gritty, gravelly, but also a strong female voice that starts from a little scared girl and ends up being an intimidating huntress. + The narrator of the audiobook. Actress Amy McFadden, really gives justice to the book. Gives life to all characters and makes everything more realistic. + The world. A world similar to the American West in the 18th century. You will visit the towns, the countryside, and walk through the dangerous woods. It doesn’t have that gray color that you might have noticed in McCarthy’s the Road. (Check the book’s similar title –…